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esselamun aleykum and hello!

so i am sitting kind of ill (make dua for me, sisters) in my bed and created this outfit which would be like my typical „not warm but still not winter but colder than autumn“- outfit.

like i already said once i’d never wear a like knee-length coat over my skirt so i always wear a hip-length or a full-length coat and i love velorousleather so i took this nice jacket with metallic detail. and also i chose a standard black maxi-skirt with a nice belt which makes it more interesting. since i love cardigans in winter and autumn over sleeveless blouses a classic black cardigan always works.

there are two types of dressing black i guess:

1) dress 101% full black and make it look elegant with some metallic details or nice accessories
2) dress nearly 101% black BUT make a little contrast with your blouses/shirt, scarf.

when i dress like type 2) i always take some tights which match with my top and let a bit of the part which comes after the ankle bootie look out so you see like : black ankle bootie, 2cm nude tight, maxi-skirt which is worn high enough for letting your tight being seen a bit, nude top, black cardigan and then it is your choice if you wear a nude or a black scarf (if you are hijabi)

and due to the bag has to match with the shoes take a black bag. and i have to admit i’m in love with black bags since they look so classy but there are so many different types. own 10 black bags and still not all 10 would match to your outfit because they are not just black.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀

give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world

Untitled #5

esselamun aleykum and hello!

they look nice, some own thousands of them and some own only this special one which they adore. right, shoes!
if you think exactly about shoes you will realise how weird it is to love them so much. actually they are robust socks. just socks with a sole. but every pair is so individual. there are those “shoe-styles” which might everybody own but they are never exactly the same. take loafers. many girls own them. in black, white, pink, beige- any colors. made of leather, velorous leather, cotton- any material. golden studded, silver studded, sparkling- anything. so you own a pair of loafers, right. but you do not own the same as your friends and classmates- they are individual.

i have to admit the first thing i look at are shoes. there are so many different of them. i actually never see the same pair of shoes on one day. i am really into them..

i belong to those persons who have 78573824 pairs of cheap shoes, but at least i can wear another pair of everyday. i could never ever wear the same robus but probably expensive shoes allday. this would make me crazy because you’d never never find a pair of shoes which fits to every outfit. and for myself it is a must to have shoes which fit to the outfit.
so i also have the theory why i more like to buy many cheap pairs of boots/wintershoes which probably do not keep your feet warm. it sounds totally brainless i have to admit but i told my parents that if i only wear this one pair of expensive shoes they will not fit to my outfit everyday and after winter they will look more damaged but if i wear 4 different pairs the whole winter, i will always have matching shoes which are not that damaged since i wear everyday different ones. AND i pay as much or even less than for a expensive pair.

because of hijab i never wear high heels even though i added this supercoolprettyadorable pair of studded ankle boots on the picture. i am so in high heels and especially in 1000 000cm ankleboot wedges but i still try to “calm down” my nefes. but actually i own some high heels and if i maybe one time want to wear them i’d own them. but to all muslimas: do not wear them or at least try to. we can wear them at home for looking nice for our husband (if you only wear them at home they won’t be dirty).

so you see i added two pairs of studded loafers. i really love them. in summer i actually always wear ballerina shoes, loafers or sneakers. and i absolutely love the loafers’ cut. since it covers the foot a bit more than usual ballerina shoes so they look more sporty but still that kind of cute and elegant.

now to the classy ones #1 – ballerina shoes. you can wear them to every and i mean every outfit. the standard ones which are unicolored with a little bow on it or some more independent. i chose those with lace, since i owned similar ones in beige and black.

due to i said i never wear high heels, i have to admit the only ones i’d wear but of any reason i do not know i don’t own those are ballerinashoes with a like 3cm wedgesheel. (leopard+white snake)

what about winklepickers? i like spiky shoes.- sometimes.
i like spiky shoes when they are ballerina shoes. and i think they look feminine (although there are these typical businessmenshoes) but if they are like an arrowhead i really hate them. in my opinion they look like those christmasfairyies’ shoes. since i own one of those uglies *shame* . i ordered them online and they looked soooo pretty. and i got them and they looked sooooo pretty. and i tried them and they looked sooooo.. change of subject.

converse are the most classy fashionable sneakers which exist i guess. but with a good reason. they are for everyone. women and men. kids and adults. chucks rocks. (a better rhyme was not possible in this moment-tell me if it was)

and back to my boot/wintershoes theory. what do i wear this year? flat pippi longstocking-boots!
since it is hard to find wintershoes which fit with maxiskirts i found those and they are actually the only ones which even look fashionable. they have a chic but sporty touch and if warm padded they are also approporiateted for winter/cold weather.

so even though shoes are one of the “little parts” of your outfit they complete your outfit.

“you want to fall in love with a shoe, go ahead. a shoe can’t love you back, but, on the other hand, a shoe can’t hurt you too deeply either. and there are so many nice-looking shoes.”

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀

OOTD- outfit of the day #2


esselamun aleykum and hello!

i hope you are all fine. i am in school at the moment but have spare time now. this is my usual schoolstyle and i do not know why but today i really love it. i likw this nude colors , the leopard detail on my scarf and my supercool bag. woooooow (i should really take a back seat)

so my skirt is pleated and glittered for only 12 (!) euro from vero moda
scarf is from : http://www.süheda.de
silvermottled grey pullover: tally weijl
bag: zara (old)
shoes: http://www.ital-design.de

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀