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OOTD- outfit of the day #3

OOTD- outfit of the day #3

esselamun aleykum and hello!

you know, on some days i do not want to even show you what i’ve worn because i do not like it. but today i think my outfit was quite pretty. at least my combination fitted.

i love leatherjackets (even if anyone owns the same like i do). i do not like this normal you know sporty leatherjacket but those black ones with the golden zippers which are a bit shorter and more for wind or automn- i love love love them.

i’ve worn one of my statement necklaces which i really love. i think they can make every outfit more interesting. this one is a silver, gold and black one- i guess that is what it makes so unique (even if it is from a „standard“shop)
under the leatherjacket which i’ve worn opened i had a leopard pattern cardigan which you could just see a bit and a black peplum shirt.
i was always looking for a peplum skirt or dress but everytime i wanted to order one, it did not work or it was too expensive. so i bought this 5 euro peplum shirt from new yorker. it has a zipper on the back, which makes it more special BUT due to i do not wear those „tight basic shirts“ under tanktops – so i always wear a jacket or cardigan over it- you would not see the zipper.
for making the outfit even more interesting i took my „alwaysworksleather“-belt which you can tie to a bow around you. i tied it around the part where the peplum starts getting wider.
i guess you’ve already realised how i am in this „extravagant“, gold gold gold, decorationdecorationdecoration-stuff.

but i got one fashion-advise for all of you girls:
if you wear something like i did (a bit more above), wear more unflashy stuff below.

i hope this post did not sound too strange written, since i spoke every word i’ve written and i still do.

so it goes like „every… word….i’ve written……“ *tipping*

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


OOTD- outfit of the day #2


esselamun aleykum and hello!

i hope you are all fine. i am in school at the moment but have spare time now. this is my usual schoolstyle and i do not know why but today i really love it. i likw this nude colors , the leopard detail on my scarf and my supercool bag. woooooow (i should really take a back seat)

so my skirt is pleated and glittered for only 12 (!) euro from vero moda
scarf is from : http://www.süheda.de
silvermottled grey pullover: tally weijl
bag: zara (old)
shoes: http://www.ital-design.de

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀