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selamun aleykum and hello!

so i was not writing for a long time. a really long time. call it centuries.

but today, first day of a new year (non-islamic calender of course) , me sitting on the couch not knowing what to do i decided to make a post. an absolutely random post what came across my mind the last centuries.

i was often ill last month so i had this virus and that virus. (make dua for me insallah) but since i was much too pessimistic the last year i tried to see it in an optimistic way. and i have a reason for that.- i have allah on my side.

well, everytime i got sick i just thought „allright, okay. pain deletes my sins. elhamdulillah. insallah i get ill because allah loves me and wants me to have less sins.“

so i survived. and now we are here.

you see it is a really random post but writing is like talking about everything what is in your head. no matter if anybody will ever read it. you talked. BUT and that is a big BUT without being strange like „talking to yourself“ .

i should stop writing this post now, since it becomes stranger than i accepted it to be.


have a great 2014, may allah guide you.

cheekkisses and hugs and

xoxo, hijab girl.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀



about my polyvore

esselamun aleykum and hello!

as you might have seen i started being active on polyvore and i really enjoy due to it is also connected to my wordpressblog. BUT i have to say something which i mainly want to say to my muslimsisters. i know that some of the polyvoreoutfits are everything.. but not helal (outdoors).

but as all of you, sister, can commit, less modest fashion is pretty but the main point is: we are not allowed to dress that way.

it is not because we do not like the style, the clothes etc. we are just not allowed to because we believe in allah elhamdulillah, and we are muslims elhamdulillah.

i make those outfits/collages for fun, for mixing colors and at least you may can take combining ideas due to colors but please ukhtis- don’t think those clothes are okay. they are pretty as well. but haram. but of course wear them for making your husbands happy.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀

about trying to be a fashion-blogger

esselamun aleykum and hello!

it’s been a long time since i wrote my last post. well, actually just two days but due to i had posted something everyday it is a long time.

these two days were kind of confusing and they brought lots of trouble since i thought about future and what to do with job, school, marriage insallah etc.

i have this dream of having a little store where i sell clothes which i designed by myself. not a big fashion-designer, only a little store or at least an onlineshop. so i can be my own boss and also have a family insallah. but i do not know how to lead it so i talked to like everyone about it and everyone i talked with started arguing or discussed. i don’t have that much requirements. i only want an education in fashion and sewing and a little store. and , now comes the point i wanted to talk about,- a fashion blog!

i try my best to let my clothes look as pretty as possible in the pictures but i know that me, or any other girl wearing outfits would look better and probably also let me have more followers. of course clothes lying on the floor are not the best. but since i am a muslima (elhamdulillah) i don’t want to present me in internet so what shall i do? i was really confused and i am still because i cannot (you know myself won’t allow me to- elhamdulillah) show myself. but i want to have a fashion blog which people look at and think „wow, i like this style“. i guess „this is what i love today“ is better than an OOTD in my case, because you can take a picture of a bag and it will look nice; but not of an whole outfit.

insallah will allah let me have my fashion-blog which is visited and followed by people who like my clothes, even though i do and will not present myself.

i’ll may buy a dress form so i can at least let a doll wear my clothes for pictures. we’ll see..

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀

about being a hijabista

esselamun aleykum and hello!

h.i.j.a.b.i.s.t.a . yes, spelled right. that is what i am or at least what i’m trying to be.

i may came across this word often but never realised it untill i read a post from a bloggerin who also calls herself a hijabista and translated it to humanish. a hijabista is a hijabi , a girl/woman who wears the islamic headscarf and covers her body, who also wears fashionable clothes. if there would be an adjectiv which includes hijab ( in turkish you’d probably say „kapali“ which actually only means „closed“) you would define a hijabista a hijabish fashionista .

hijabish fashionista-hijabista.
i like that.

actually everyone is a fashionista. it’s a shame that you call only those fashionista YOU think they dress fashionable. everyone likes their own clothes so everyone is a fashionista in her own way.

why do i want to dress pretty? i do not want to attract men-that is why i wear hijab. neither i do not want to look like some underwearmodels without clothes. but i want to be realised as a well-dressed, pretty, young girl who still looks modest. i like to be seen as „wow i like her style but she is a muslim girl so she would never do this or that“.

dressing like a hijabista is like looking nice and pretty to non-muslims but still that islamic and modest that they would never come across the idea that you like i don’t know would go out to disco with them.
hijab shows non-muslims how modest we are. it shows them a bit of our character. so actually it is- sometimes – right: „your clothes tell who you are“.
and i am a muslima (elhamdulillah) with hijab, who likes to dress up pretty but in a way which makes me still look modest and „kapali“.

i am a hijabista.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀

about jeans and co.

esselamun aleykum and hello!

often we see girls and women with a „hijab“ . some wear abayas, some wear skirts, some wear niqab, some where trousers with a dress over it and some where even tight trousers or leggings. at least i even saw a girl with „hijab“ once who had holes in her skinny jeans („fashionholes“). so why the quotes? because this is not hijab.

everytime i say something like this i am afraid of hurting my sisters because i know how bad it feels like when someone „criticises“ you in one of the most serious parts of life – religion.
so this is not critism at all. i want to give you some tipps and help you because we are sisters (in islam). no one except isa (sav) was and is without sins , but since we have to try not having sins i want to give you advise.

so what is hijab? it is covering your whole body except hands and face (of course wearing niqab or burka is even better) your bodyshape is not allowed to be seen, the clothing mustn’t be transparent or decorated.

keyword bodyshape.
if you wear trousers even if they are wide (or bootcut) you can imagine how the woman’s legs look like. what about wide trousers with a kneelength dress over it? forbidden. i’ve once read a fatwa about why even wide trousers are haram (forbidden) it said it was because of you can imagine how the bodyshape is like, women wearing trousers are imitating men since trousers were actually invented for men and because of it looks similar to the westernfashion. and these are actually the three things which have to be followed when talking about hijab.

1. no bodyshape or skin
2. no imitation of men
3. no imitation of western women

to all western women: no one can regret that you look pretty and your fashion is pretty. but this is exactly the reason why muslimas are not allowed to look like you. there is a big difference in modesty between westerns and muslims. so it is just a religious reason not a „racial“.

and now to my sisters again: i appell to you- wear the hijab. i know it is not always easy especially when you live in western countries.  but we have to. think of your pretty eid/bayram dresses and some nice skirts with blouses. you can wear hijab and still feel pretty. if you try allah will give you this feeling insallah. but try to. you are so worty.

if you cannot stop wearing colorful clothes – wait until allah gives you enough iman for stop wearing it. but it is better to wear a red abaya than wearing a black skinny. step for step.

we as muslimas in the west have even a special assignment. we represent islam! many non-muslims think that not wearing trousers is strict and „too“ religious.  but it is not. it is this one rule. it is not „a“ strict rule it is THE rule.

once my classmate told me that she saw a girl with hijab and pink skinnys and blue sweatshirt and yellow shoes. i asked her why she suddenly analyses hijabis. she told me : before i knew you i never realised what a woman with headscarf wears but now i see you everyday and you dress elegant but always in discreet colors. also you are always dressed long with skirts so no one sees you legs and you always pay attention that your blouses are not tight. since i know you i realise other hijabis with red clothes or skinnys of course, it looks strange to me. hijab with skinnys makes no sense anymore to me. but i really love your style“ this was said by a 101% european western girl.

probably this was the nicest i’ve ever heard and it was a „mademyday-moment“
but you see – we represent islam. the non-muslims realise and have an opinion. always take care of your behavior and clothes in public ,sisters.

and this post is not only to hijabis , it is to all sisters. i sometimes see that women take off their headscarf because they have for example problems in job. and then they also stop wearing skirts/abaya etc. or girls/women who start wearing hijab and suddenly also wear abaya. if you are not ready for the headscarf you can also wear long, wide clothes.  the dressingrules are not for hijabis there are for every muslima. try always your best to please allah.

and allah knows best what is in your heart.

kiss your cheeks.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀

bana sen lazimsin

esselamun aleykum and hello!

„bana sen lazimsin“ turkish for: you are necessary for me.

i think that is probably the meaning of marriage. i do not think it is „only“ love, it is that your wife/husband is necessary for you.

you cannot and do not want to imagine how life without them would be. your husband works for you and the family and shows with his engagement for your marriage and family how much he loves you while your wife always has prepared everything for him at home so he is always happy to arrive at home seeing a pretty woman (who only shows her beauty beside him), freshcooked food and a clean house.

she calms him down and he calms her down.

devorcing in islam isn’t a sin, but it is mekruh (not liked). at least it is told as the „worst of everything which is allowed“

so you may stay with your partner because he treats you well and she does also. you live with them and you do not want to be with anyone else. they belong to you. but why? why do other people do not have this kind of feeling? i believe that it is because allah swt only puts this feelings in someone’s heart if the marriage is for allah and in an islamic way. marriage is half of religion.

if you have found your „helal“ , marry. just marry. allah will insallah let you both be happy with each other.

back to „bana sen lazimsin“- in my opinion this is as worthy as love. because it shows how someone needs you. your wife/husband is with you because he/she would not be complete without you.

once i told a sister „calling a woman „my baby“ (bebegim) is awful.“ and she told me that once you are married you will like beeing called „baby“ because if a man is married you are more or less his baby. before he had his mother who cared for him and then when he is married he has to care of you like of a baby and you care for him like his mother. now i am writing this i do not think it makes 101% sense anymore, but i liked how she said this.

„a successful marriage is not when you can live in peace with your wife, but when you can’t without her“

may allah give all of you a good spouse, insallah.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀

the poisonous delight of dunya


esselamun aleykum and hello!

have you ever had the feeling of having everything but also nothing? i believe that everyone of us, no matter how hard they tried to satisfy themselves with money, clothes, cars etc. had this feeling at least once.
our world, dunya, is beautiful subhanallah. it contains high mountains, endless seas, blue sky, colorful flowers and green jungles. we have diamonds, gold and silver. we can buy the most expensive clothes, the fastest cars and and and. so why are we never 101% satisfied? we might have sometimes this feeling of „yes i am happy i could hug the world everything is so perfect blablabla“ but even this feeling just holds on for a short time. why?
there is this one keyword which gives the answer. ALLAH .

how can you even nearly be happy without allah? diamonds satisfy your nefes but allah is in our heart. and at the end your heart is your „happinesscenter“. of course a good wife/husband, your parents and friends are also in your heart. they make you happy and help you practice your religion. that is why allah swt gave them to you.
but why is even the most religious person with the biggest iman and biggest religious family never 101% happy? because allah wants it that way.
that is our lives‘ test. he wants to challenge us if we have a faith that is strong enough to say „no“ to everything what dunya gives us.
more „dunyastuff“ less dhikr probably. of course not everyone that is rich hasn’t a weak faith but everything on dunya is a challenge. people get things on dunya to satisfy themselves from seytan so they forget allah.
we cannot be perfect , we cannot be without sins and we cannot delete our nefes; that is not what allah created us for. but we can try to.

imagine you have a test which is incredible to pass by 101%. there will be some studens who’d say “ i won’t pass it anyway so why should i come.“ these are the people who probably are too lazy to be a slave of allah. those who watch 5 hours tv but don’t stand up for 5minutes praying to the creator or just even say „elhamdulillah“.
then there will be those who’d say “ i would pass the test anyway i do not have to do it gonna go shopping“ those people follow dunya and forgot allah. and there will be a few who’d say „even if i cannot pass it. i have to try. if i try and the teacher sees how hard i studied for this test he will may give me a good grade and see me as a good student“ those are the people with faith. they do not want to satisfy their nefes. they try to only satisfy allah swt. and these are the people who will go to cennet insallah. but it is never to late to follow allah. allah forgives. he is ar-rahman.

always when you see something that would distance you from allah think about the value of it and of what allah will give you if you carry on your way of islam, of faith.

dunya is a pretty cupcake filled with poison.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀