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selamun aleykum and hello!

so i was not writing for a long time. a really long time. call it centuries.

but today, first day of a new year (non-islamic calender of course) , me sitting on the couch not knowing what to do i decided to make a post. an absolutely random post what came across my mind the last centuries.

i was often ill last month so i had this virus and that virus. (make dua for me insallah) but since i was much too pessimistic the last year i tried to see it in an optimistic way. and i have a reason for that.- i have allah on my side.

well, everytime i got sick i just thought „allright, okay. pain deletes my sins. elhamdulillah. insallah i get ill because allah loves me and wants me to have less sins.“

so i survived. and now we are here.

you see it is a really random post but writing is like talking about everything what is in your head. no matter if anybody will ever read it. you talked. BUT and that is a big BUT without being strange like „talking to yourself“ .

i should stop writing this post now, since it becomes stranger than i accepted it to be.


have a great 2014, may allah guide you.

cheekkisses and hugs and

xoxo, hijab girl.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀



about my polyvore

esselamun aleykum and hello!

as you might have seen i started being active on polyvore and i really enjoy due to it is also connected to my wordpressblog. BUT i have to say something which i mainly want to say to my muslimsisters. i know that some of the polyvoreoutfits are everything.. but not helal (outdoors).

but as all of you, sister, can commit, less modest fashion is pretty but the main point is: we are not allowed to dress that way.

it is not because we do not like the style, the clothes etc. we are just not allowed to because we believe in allah elhamdulillah, and we are muslims elhamdulillah.

i make those outfits/collages for fun, for mixing colors and at least you may can take combining ideas due to colors but please ukhtis- don’t think those clothes are okay. they are pretty as well. but haram. but of course wear them for making your husbands happy.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀

about trying to be a fashion-blogger

esselamun aleykum and hello!

it’s been a long time since i wrote my last post. well, actually just two days but due to i had posted something everyday it is a long time.

these two days were kind of confusing and they brought lots of trouble since i thought about future and what to do with job, school, marriage insallah etc.

i have this dream of having a little store where i sell clothes which i designed by myself. not a big fashion-designer, only a little store or at least an onlineshop. so i can be my own boss and also have a family insallah. but i do not know how to lead it so i talked to like everyone about it and everyone i talked with started arguing or discussed. i don’t have that much requirements. i only want an education in fashion and sewing and a little store. and , now comes the point i wanted to talk about,- a fashion blog!

i try my best to let my clothes look as pretty as possible in the pictures but i know that me, or any other girl wearing outfits would look better and probably also let me have more followers. of course clothes lying on the floor are not the best. but since i am a muslima (elhamdulillah) i don’t want to present me in internet so what shall i do? i was really confused and i am still because i cannot (you know myself won’t allow me to- elhamdulillah) show myself. but i want to have a fashion blog which people look at and think „wow, i like this style“. i guess „this is what i love today“ is better than an OOTD in my case, because you can take a picture of a bag and it will look nice; but not of an whole outfit.

insallah will allah let me have my fashion-blog which is visited and followed by people who like my clothes, even though i do and will not present myself.

i’ll may buy a dress form so i can at least let a doll wear my clothes for pictures. we’ll see..

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀

about my finished skirt and how proud i am


esselamun aleykum and hello!

i told you that i was sewing my first clothes on my own and actually i already finished with my jeansmaxiskirt yesterday.
i have to admit i am so proud. i did not have any introduction,  no one ever taught me how to sew- i did it all and i mean all on my own.
before i started with this skirt i didn’t even know how to use the sewing machine which i got 2 years ago. and finally after two days of work (i didn’t sew everyday) it is finisheddddd. i even did a zipper without introduction or anything… allahallah i should really take a back seat but nevermind.
i made a bit more tight maxiskirt with white lace at the front but unfortunately it is far too big at the waistband. i wear like s/m and it is like xl but the rest of it, so everything below the waistband fits. but since it was my testingobject i do not want to change it. i sewed a skirt and fullstop.

my parents and everyone else told me that i’ve got a talent in that and due to i was always searching for MY talent i’m happy for probably founding it, elhamdulillah.

i will start with something new as soon as possible and it will be made of camouflage fabrics and i guess it will be something like a vest or jacket,  we’ll see..

so goodnight, may allah will give you nice dreams.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀

sneakerwedges outfit (hijab edition)

sneakerwedges outfit (hijab edition)


esselamun aleykum and hello!

after i wrote my last post about 1 hour ago i thought i should try to look for an outfit with sneakerwedges which also fits with my hijab (including maxi-skirt). and i’m quite proud because i created this outfit which i actually really like and i also would wear i guess.

i looked for sneakerwedges which look as similar as possible like those i posted before and combined them with a black skirt (like actually always- black skirt always works) and a beige hoodie which i’d wear under a elegant black blazer so you can only see the underpart of the hoodie and the hood looking out so the blazer looks more sporty and cool.
a little descreet accessory like a silver watch which matches with the spikes on the shoes complete the look.

after finding out that sneakerwedges also can look fashionable with a maxiskirt i may will order them, insallah.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


Untitled #6


esselamun aleykum and hello!

so i am sitting kind of ill (make dua for me, sisters) in my bed and created this outfit which would be like my typical „not warm but still not winter but colder than autumn“- outfit.

like i already said once i’d never wear a like knee-length coat over my skirt so i always wear a hip-length or a full-length coat and i love velorousleather so i took this nice jacket with metallic detail. and also i chose a standard black maxi-skirt with a nice belt which makes it more interesting. since i love cardigans in winter and autumn over sleeveless blouses a classic black cardigan always works.

there are two types of dressing black i guess:

1) dress 101% full black and make it look elegant with some metallic details or nice accessories
2) dress nearly 101% black BUT make a little contrast with your blouses/shirt, scarf.

when i dress like type 2) i always take some tights which match with my top and let a bit of the part which comes after the ankle bootie look out so you see like : black ankle bootie, 2cm nude tight, maxi-skirt which is worn high enough for letting your tight being seen a bit, nude top, black cardigan and then it is your choice if you wear a nude or a black scarf (if you are hijabi)

and due to the bag has to match with the shoes take a black bag. and i have to admit i’m in love with black bags since they look so classy but there are so many different types. own 10 black bags and still not all 10 would match to your outfit because they are not just black.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


esselamun aleykum and hello!

it just became midnight so this is my last post for today (actually it is „tomorrow“?).

as you might have seen i’ve just found a new friend- polyvore. it is so amazing and i actually saw it a lot already but never made one for myself. i found sooo many new onlineshoppingpages (gonna write them to „onlineshopping“) and there are sooo many choices to combine your outfit.
there is only one –
once you have found something nice it is hard to find like accessoires which fit to your chosen outfit.
so my advise to you: start with searching for shoes and bags which fit together , then look for the clothes, then for jewellery and stuff.
like i did.

polyvore is a nice chance to tell the world what is your style without writing alot and you can for example create an outfit if you do not know what to post on your blog. i actually always know since i talk alot and so i have a lot of speakingstuff in my brain.

my next post will probably be about shoes. favourite shoes , what i love, what society loves?
i know you love shoes, girls. so read it insallah tomorrow.

last but not least my post is called nighttimeissleepingtime; so i wish you a good night and may allah will give all of you a calmed night.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀