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esselamun aleykum and hello!

so i am sitting kind of ill (make dua for me, sisters) in my bed and created this outfit which would be like my typical „not warm but still not winter but colder than autumn“- outfit.

like i already said once i’d never wear a like knee-length coat over my skirt so i always wear a hip-length or a full-length coat and i love velorousleather so i took this nice jacket with metallic detail. and also i chose a standard black maxi-skirt with a nice belt which makes it more interesting. since i love cardigans in winter and autumn over sleeveless blouses a classic black cardigan always works.

there are two types of dressing black i guess:

1) dress 101% full black and make it look elegant with some metallic details or nice accessories
2) dress nearly 101% black BUT make a little contrast with your blouses/shirt, scarf.

when i dress like type 2) i always take some tights which match with my top and let a bit of the part which comes after the ankle bootie look out so you see like : black ankle bootie, 2cm nude tight, maxi-skirt which is worn high enough for letting your tight being seen a bit, nude top, black cardigan and then it is your choice if you wear a nude or a black scarf (if you are hijabi)

and due to the bag has to match with the shoes take a black bag. and i have to admit i’m in love with black bags since they look so classy but there are so many different types. own 10 black bags and still not all 10 would match to your outfit because they are not just black.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀