about trying to be a fashion-blogger

esselamun aleykum and hello!

it’s been a long time since i wrote my last post. well, actually just two days but due to i had posted something everyday it is a long time.

these two days were kind of confusing and they brought lots of trouble since i thought about future and what to do with job, school, marriage insallah etc.

i have this dream of having a little store where i sell clothes which i designed by myself. not a big fashion-designer, only a little store or at least an onlineshop. so i can be my own boss and also have a family insallah. but i do not know how to lead it so i talked to like everyone about it and everyone i talked with started arguing or discussed. i don’t have that much requirements. i only want an education in fashion and sewing and a little store. and , now comes the point i wanted to talk about,- a fashion blog!

i try my best to let my clothes look as pretty as possible in the pictures but i know that me, or any other girl wearing outfits would look better and probably also let me have more followers. of course clothes lying on the floor are not the best. but since i am a muslima (elhamdulillah) i don’t want to present me in internet so what shall i do? i was really confused and i am still because i cannot (you know myself won’t allow me to- elhamdulillah) show myself. but i want to have a fashion blog which people look at and think „wow, i like this style“. i guess „this is what i love today“ is better than an OOTD in my case, because you can take a picture of a bag and it will look nice; but not of an whole outfit.

insallah will allah let me have my fashion-blog which is visited and followed by people who like my clothes, even though i do and will not present myself.

i’ll may buy a dress form so i can at least let a doll wear my clothes for pictures. we’ll see..

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


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