about being a hijabista

esselamun aleykum and hello!

h.i.j.a.b.i.s.t.a . yes, spelled right. that is what i am or at least what i’m trying to be.

i may came across this word often but never realised it untill i read a post from a bloggerin who also calls herself a hijabista and translated it to humanish. a hijabista is a hijabi , a girl/woman who wears the islamic headscarf and covers her body, who also wears fashionable clothes. if there would be an adjectiv which includes hijab ( in turkish you’d probably say „kapali“ which actually only means „closed“) you would define a hijabista a hijabish fashionista .

hijabish fashionista-hijabista.
i like that.

actually everyone is a fashionista. it’s a shame that you call only those fashionista YOU think they dress fashionable. everyone likes their own clothes so everyone is a fashionista in her own way.

why do i want to dress pretty? i do not want to attract men-that is why i wear hijab. neither i do not want to look like some underwearmodels without clothes. but i want to be realised as a well-dressed, pretty, young girl who still looks modest. i like to be seen as „wow i like her style but she is a muslim girl so she would never do this or that“.

dressing like a hijabista is like looking nice and pretty to non-muslims but still that islamic and modest that they would never come across the idea that you like i don’t know would go out to disco with them.
hijab shows non-muslims how modest we are. it shows them a bit of our character. so actually it is- sometimes – right: „your clothes tell who you are“.
and i am a muslima (elhamdulillah) with hijab, who likes to dress up pretty but in a way which makes me still look modest and „kapali“.

i am a hijabista.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


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