sneaker wedges (-hidden wedges)

sneaker wedges (-hidden wedges)

esselamun aleykum and hello!

actually i do not like those new styles since my favourites are old classy ones and the fashion-industry only invents strange styles anymore (except one or two things).
due to this i am not the biggest fan of sneaker wedges or hidden wedges but i fall for those in the picture. i’ve just found them online on “ “ .

what i do not like about „hidden wedges“ is that they are never „hidden“. it looks like trying to wrap up a bicycle in paper. it does not work and if someone calls something „hidden“ it has to be hidden. and i don’t like those basketballtrainer neither BUT look at those supercooladorablefashionablewowowowsuperfanstastic ones in the picture!

at first sight they really look like flat trainers but if you look closely they have a 7cm wedges-heel and it just fascinated me how they hid 7cm, which is quite high.

those wedges look soo cool i think. the spikes on it and this light colors make the style look more softer. allahallah, i really fall for those. i’m may going to order them but untill i do this i have to think of an outfit which would match with sneakerwedges (you know, my skirtthing) .

you can also buy them in black and red but i actually only like them in beige/white.

do you like sneaker wedges or hidden wedges at all? do you own some of them? what do you combine to those?

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


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