about my finished skirt and how proud i am


esselamun aleykum and hello!

i told you that i was sewing my first clothes on my own and actually i already finished with my jeansmaxiskirt yesterday.
i have to admit i am so proud. i did not have any introduction,  no one ever taught me how to sew- i did it all and i mean all on my own.
before i started with this skirt i didn’t even know how to use the sewing machine which i got 2 years ago. and finally after two days of work (i didn’t sew everyday) it is finisheddddd. i even did a zipper without introduction or anything… allahallah i should really take a back seat but nevermind.
i made a bit more tight maxiskirt with white lace at the front but unfortunately it is far too big at the waistband. i wear like s/m and it is like xl but the rest of it, so everything below the waistband fits. but since it was my testingobject i do not want to change it. i sewed a skirt and fullstop.

my parents and everyone else told me that i’ve got a talent in that and due to i was always searching for MY talent i’m happy for probably founding it, elhamdulillah.

i will start with something new as soon as possible and it will be made of camouflage fabrics and i guess it will be something like a vest or jacket,  we’ll see..

so goodnight, may allah will give you nice dreams.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


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