esselamun aleykum and hello!

it just became midnight so this is my last post for today (actually it is „tomorrow“?).

as you might have seen i’ve just found a new friend- polyvore. it is so amazing and i actually saw it a lot already but never made one for myself. i found sooo many new onlineshoppingpages (gonna write them to „onlineshopping“) and there are sooo many choices to combine your outfit.
there is only one –
once you have found something nice it is hard to find like accessoires which fit to your chosen outfit.
so my advise to you: start with searching for shoes and bags which fit together , then look for the clothes, then for jewellery and stuff.
like i did.

polyvore is a nice chance to tell the world what is your style without writing alot and you can for example create an outfit if you do not know what to post on your blog. i actually always know since i talk alot and so i have a lot of speakingstuff in my brain.

my next post will probably be about shoes. favourite shoes , what i love, what society loves?
i know you love shoes, girls. so read it insallah tomorrow.

last but not least my post is called nighttimeissleepingtime; so i wish you a good night and may allah will give all of you a calmed night.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


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