about jeans and co.

esselamun aleykum and hello!

often we see girls and women with a „hijab“ . some wear abayas, some wear skirts, some wear niqab, some where trousers with a dress over it and some where even tight trousers or leggings. at least i even saw a girl with „hijab“ once who had holes in her skinny jeans („fashionholes“). so why the quotes? because this is not hijab.

everytime i say something like this i am afraid of hurting my sisters because i know how bad it feels like when someone „criticises“ you in one of the most serious parts of life – religion.
so this is not critism at all. i want to give you some tipps and help you because we are sisters (in islam). no one except isa (sav) was and is without sins , but since we have to try not having sins i want to give you advise.

so what is hijab? it is covering your whole body except hands and face (of course wearing niqab or burka is even better) your bodyshape is not allowed to be seen, the clothing mustn’t be transparent or decorated.

keyword bodyshape.
if you wear trousers even if they are wide (or bootcut) you can imagine how the woman’s legs look like. what about wide trousers with a kneelength dress over it? forbidden. i’ve once read a fatwa about why even wide trousers are haram (forbidden) it said it was because of you can imagine how the bodyshape is like, women wearing trousers are imitating men since trousers were actually invented for men and because of it looks similar to the westernfashion. and these are actually the three things which have to be followed when talking about hijab.

1. no bodyshape or skin
2. no imitation of men
3. no imitation of western women

to all western women: no one can regret that you look pretty and your fashion is pretty. but this is exactly the reason why muslimas are not allowed to look like you. there is a big difference in modesty between westerns and muslims. so it is just a religious reason not a „racial“.

and now to my sisters again: i appell to you- wear the hijab. i know it is not always easy especially when you live in western countries.  but we have to. think of your pretty eid/bayram dresses and some nice skirts with blouses. you can wear hijab and still feel pretty. if you try allah will give you this feeling insallah. but try to. you are so worty.

if you cannot stop wearing colorful clothes – wait until allah gives you enough iman for stop wearing it. but it is better to wear a red abaya than wearing a black skinny. step for step.

we as muslimas in the west have even a special assignment. we represent islam! many non-muslims think that not wearing trousers is strict and „too“ religious.  but it is not. it is this one rule. it is not „a“ strict rule it is THE rule.

once my classmate told me that she saw a girl with hijab and pink skinnys and blue sweatshirt and yellow shoes. i asked her why she suddenly analyses hijabis. she told me : before i knew you i never realised what a woman with headscarf wears but now i see you everyday and you dress elegant but always in discreet colors. also you are always dressed long with skirts so no one sees you legs and you always pay attention that your blouses are not tight. since i know you i realise other hijabis with red clothes or skinnys of course, it looks strange to me. hijab with skinnys makes no sense anymore to me. but i really love your style“ this was said by a 101% european western girl.

probably this was the nicest i’ve ever heard and it was a „mademyday-moment“
but you see – we represent islam. the non-muslims realise and have an opinion. always take care of your behavior and clothes in public ,sisters.

and this post is not only to hijabis , it is to all sisters. i sometimes see that women take off their headscarf because they have for example problems in job. and then they also stop wearing skirts/abaya etc. or girls/women who start wearing hijab and suddenly also wear abaya. if you are not ready for the headscarf you can also wear long, wide clothes.  the dressingrules are not for hijabis there are for every muslima. try always your best to please allah.

and allah knows best what is in your heart.

kiss your cheeks.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


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