just a „this is what i love today“ #2

esselamun aleykum and hello!

you know, there are these things which everyone has and you think like uuugh everybody has and so ugly and then there are the things which everyone has and you think wow pretty i’d buy if not everyone would own it . and then there are these things which everyone has and you think like WWWOWWWWOOOOOOHHHHHLOVELOVELOVE i have to own it get crazy wooooooow. well, this scarf wasn’t something of this genre BUT everyone has it and i also own one. it is this „burberrylikepattern“ (of course i did not spend 100 euros in a scarf) in beige.

i love how it makes every outfit more interesting and in my opinion it looks soso pretty as a headscarf. without wearing it it looks a bit masculine i guess but on your head , masallah.

actually, i love this pattern in general. as little detail on a jacket or skirt, as a bag and as scarf. it is quite pretty-fact.

today i combined it with a khaki studded bag, khaki/beige wintershoes and a fullength black coat with a leather bow belt.

i got that scarf not from a store here. my foice bought it from turkey this summer but you can find it in any no-name stores and online probably.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


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