bana sen lazimsin

esselamun aleykum and hello!

„bana sen lazimsin“ turkish for: you are necessary for me.

i think that is probably the meaning of marriage. i do not think it is „only“ love, it is that your wife/husband is necessary for you.

you cannot and do not want to imagine how life without them would be. your husband works for you and the family and shows with his engagement for your marriage and family how much he loves you while your wife always has prepared everything for him at home so he is always happy to arrive at home seeing a pretty woman (who only shows her beauty beside him), freshcooked food and a clean house.

she calms him down and he calms her down.

devorcing in islam isn’t a sin, but it is mekruh (not liked). at least it is told as the „worst of everything which is allowed“

so you may stay with your partner because he treats you well and she does also. you live with them and you do not want to be with anyone else. they belong to you. but why? why do other people do not have this kind of feeling? i believe that it is because allah swt only puts this feelings in someone’s heart if the marriage is for allah and in an islamic way. marriage is half of religion.

if you have found your „helal“ , marry. just marry. allah will insallah let you both be happy with each other.

back to „bana sen lazimsin“- in my opinion this is as worthy as love. because it shows how someone needs you. your wife/husband is with you because he/she would not be complete without you.

once i told a sister „calling a woman „my baby“ (bebegim) is awful.“ and she told me that once you are married you will like beeing called „baby“ because if a man is married you are more or less his baby. before he had his mother who cared for him and then when he is married he has to care of you like of a baby and you care for him like his mother. now i am writing this i do not think it makes 101% sense anymore, but i liked how she said this.

„a successful marriage is not when you can live in peace with your wife, but when you can’t without her“

may allah give all of you a good spouse, insallah.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


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