esselamun aleykum and hello!

when i started this blog (which was actually just three days ago) i was thinking like „oh wow i have my own blog. i will post something everyday or two posts three four five“ HA HA no chance . i love writing for this blog even if i do not own it for a long time yet but it is pretty much fun and i regret not to write as much as i want to. but since i started with this blog in a quite complicated time of mine it is not that easy to do so. i wake up with the thought „i will write something soon“ and centuries later i realise it is 10pm (probably hours later).
however i am going to write what comes up in my mind insallah. something i am thinking a lot about these times is marriage but marriage is a far too big and important topic to discuss circumstantial. but for having something to write everyday no matter where i am (school tomorrow) i think i’ll try to post my favourite accessories of everyday. not really an OOTD , just a „this is what i love today“. call it the little sister of „in and out“.
i am going to start with this right in the next post which will insallah follow in about 15 minutes .

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


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