just a „this is what i love today“


esselamun aleykum and hello!
like i told you about 5 minutes ago i will start with a : just a „this is what i love today“. and i am starting with this super lovelycuteniceadorablefashionablecool handbag. i have to admit i love black especially if it has those elegant details like this one.
it is checked but still black, has those three clips which make it even more elegant and you can wear it on your shoulder with a long handle (i cannot anymore because it is ripped-at least it was cheap) or you can just carry it with your hand.

of course we should not think about what others say and so on but compliments are always nice and everyone who saw this bag told me how cute it is. IT IS. it is definetly. that is why it is my „thingy“ of the day. especially it is a cute bag without attracting attention but when you remark it you’ll love it. (that is the main reason i love black-not attracting attention but wow)

you can buy this bag from any chinese stores in ebay for about 12 euros in all colors. the quality is not the best but sometimes we just wanna look nice (sometimes often)

hope you will also like (i mean if you liked this one) the next things from my wardrobe.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


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