mmmm egg recipe


esselamun aleykum and hello!
eggs for breakfast .. mmmmmm love it. and i could eat loads of it. BUT everyday a hard or medium cooked egg gets boring after a while. so there is a really easy and delicious recipe which is called „çılbır“ in turkish and it is: poached eggs with garlicyogurt and a butter sauce as topic.

in the picture you can see how it is made and what you need to geht this mmmmm yummy delicious meal.

you need: as many eggs as you want (i took 5)
as many garlic cloves as you need for the yogurt ( i took a half of a big yogurt cup and three garlic cloves)
maybe some oil if you want to
pul biber (spicy pepper – „chilli flakes“)

how you do it:
at first poach the eggs . this means put eggwhite and yellow in boiled water. on this link you can read how to poach your egg to perfection: .

now make some garlic yogurt. i used a half of a big yogurt cup and three garlic cloves. give some water in the garlic yogurt and salt it enough untill it has a nearly liquid consistence and tastes how you like it to taste.

for the „butter sauce“, melt some butter in a pan (if you want you can add some oil like i did it). when the butter is melted and hot (but not to hot so nothing gets burned) put a lot (when i say a lot i mean a lot) of „pul biber“- spicey „flakes“ in it and mix it with a spoon.

now we take a plate and put the poached eggs on it . over it we give our garlic yogurt so the eggs are full covered in white and over the yogurt we give the spicey butter sauce.

eat it with bread or nothing else but enjoy.

i hope you liked this recipe. it is perfect for breakfast but also for a snack or when guest come suddenly around.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


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