the poisonous delight of dunya


esselamun aleykum and hello!

have you ever had the feeling of having everything but also nothing? i believe that everyone of us, no matter how hard they tried to satisfy themselves with money, clothes, cars etc. had this feeling at least once.
our world, dunya, is beautiful subhanallah. it contains high mountains, endless seas, blue sky, colorful flowers and green jungles. we have diamonds, gold and silver. we can buy the most expensive clothes, the fastest cars and and and. so why are we never 101% satisfied? we might have sometimes this feeling of „yes i am happy i could hug the world everything is so perfect blablabla“ but even this feeling just holds on for a short time. why?
there is this one keyword which gives the answer. ALLAH .

how can you even nearly be happy without allah? diamonds satisfy your nefes but allah is in our heart. and at the end your heart is your „happinesscenter“. of course a good wife/husband, your parents and friends are also in your heart. they make you happy and help you practice your religion. that is why allah swt gave them to you.
but why is even the most religious person with the biggest iman and biggest religious family never 101% happy? because allah wants it that way.
that is our lives‘ test. he wants to challenge us if we have a faith that is strong enough to say „no“ to everything what dunya gives us.
more „dunyastuff“ less dhikr probably. of course not everyone that is rich hasn’t a weak faith but everything on dunya is a challenge. people get things on dunya to satisfy themselves from seytan so they forget allah.
we cannot be perfect , we cannot be without sins and we cannot delete our nefes; that is not what allah created us for. but we can try to.

imagine you have a test which is incredible to pass by 101%. there will be some studens who’d say “ i won’t pass it anyway so why should i come.“ these are the people who probably are too lazy to be a slave of allah. those who watch 5 hours tv but don’t stand up for 5minutes praying to the creator or just even say „elhamdulillah“.
then there will be those who’d say “ i would pass the test anyway i do not have to do it gonna go shopping“ those people follow dunya and forgot allah. and there will be a few who’d say „even if i cannot pass it. i have to try. if i try and the teacher sees how hard i studied for this test he will may give me a good grade and see me as a good student“ those are the people with faith. they do not want to satisfy their nefes. they try to only satisfy allah swt. and these are the people who will go to cennet insallah. but it is never to late to follow allah. allah forgives. he is ar-rahman.

always when you see something that would distance you from allah think about the value of it and of what allah will give you if you carry on your way of islam, of faith.

dunya is a pretty cupcake filled with poison.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀


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