full-length coats


esselamun aleykum and hello!

what does every women like? right, fashion! what kind of fashion, clothing does every women like? right, depends!

but what i like , no LOVE most are full length coats (pardesü) . full-length coats are something i wanna own  737282920 ones of it.

what i love about them?
if you don’t have an idea what to wear just choose any skirt or dress and wear a cute coat over it. there are available in any colors and styles. with bows,  lace, leather, flouncy and they contain a whole style.

my theory why i love full-length coats more than dresses is that if you wear a dress it looks as pretty as a coat but you are not fulldressed. something misses. right, a jacket.
but if you wear a full-length coat you might have something as cute and pretty as a dress but you’re fulldressed and ready to go. a full-length coat is like a robust dress.

on the picture we can see a coat from turkish brand called „armine“. actually i’ve wanted this model since i saw it for the first time. i actually also ordered one but suddenly there was a systemfail so i ordered another coat on an other page.

you can find this full-length coat here: http://www.armine.com/urun/266/2k8277-arm-pardesu

i wish you a good night, may allah let you sleep quietly and gives you a calm night.

peace be with you.

beyazgul ❀


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