differentcountry differenthijabstyle

esselamun aleykum and hello!

she’s egyptian! oh a iraqi! a turkish girl! persian woman wow !

some of us can realise where a hijabi is from.. but how?
once you’ve seen some hijabis from different countries you might learn how to differentiate them… by the way they have tied their hijab!
of course we are not allowed to be racist, not in religion neither in moral dimensions, but i think this is a interesting topic.

sometimes when i see some hijabis i just begin to play a game with myself. it is called „where is she from? guessing by her hijab style“
of course she is a sister, like anyone else who is muslima but it is fascinating how many different styles of wearing hijab exist and which of them are mainly represented in different countries.

since most covered woman in my country are turkish, arabian (most from egypt i guess) and some bosnian it is not that hard to play this game. i’ve never been to the states, where this game would probably be really hard to play but i’ve been to england twice and there were obviously more covered women from different countries and this one ethical group you would just barely find here- pakistanis.
i like the pakistani style! from what i saw i can tell it is colourful and pakistani women are probably one of the prettiest masallah. (even though everyone is pretty because allah swt. created them) they tie their hijab wide and quite casual i guess (correct me if i am wrong)

then we have the turkish „squared headscarf“ (esarp). it is mostly made of satin, the expensive ones are silk and the comfortable ones are cotton. it is mostly worn by the older turkish women since most teenagers wear a shawl. turkish style is probably with lace, bows and those kind of details and also colourful but i guess a „different“ colourful than pakistanis.
pakistanis are more dressed in this blue,pink,red etc. (correct me if i am wrong again), call it rainbowcolors while the turks are more in discreet colours dressed (light pink, baby blue, dark green, mustard yellow etc.).

now we come to those „arabian styles“. i am really really sorry for talking like „yes arabian“ while actually there are sooo many arabian countries and styles but unfortunately i do not see that many different arabs so i just know how those dress who live here.
in my opinion arabian style of tying hijab is very helal (even though there is no increasing of helal but you know what i mean.. hopefully) turkish headscarf doesn’t always cover the cleavage (since turks are most the time wearing full-length coats) and are often tight at the neck. arabian women take their shawl put it over the head and pin it on the other side. i guess this sounded a bit weird but those who tie it that way will understand.

last but not least there is the simple scarf which is most worn by turkish girls/young women and persians in iran. it is a long scarf gently hanging over the shoulders. sometimes it is a little triangle formed at the forehead. you can only put one side of the scarf over the shoulder or both or knot them on one shoulder or on your back.

for myself i prefer the turkish squared scarf made of shiny fabrics (satin) with a nice pattern or uni-coloured because it looks fashionable with it’s quite elegant look but not too extravagant. but there were times i didn’t wear it because i was convinced my head/face looks like a moon when i am wearing it since my head is round and those scarfs are tight around your face. so i also wear the easiest way of hijab (except you own an amira-hijab) what is: taking a scarf, form a triangle at the „cap-part“ of it and throw it over your shoulders. comfortable,easy,pretty.

information to the pictures: in picture one (upper left corner) we see two cute pakistani girls, next to it there is the turkish squared headscarf. next to it we see a shawl i’d tell it looks arabian but this girl was the reason i stopped being convinced of these girls in these countries wear these headscarfs and those girls in those countries wear those headscarfs. when i first saw her i was like „aaa, arabic girl“ wrong! since she is turkish and some of you might know her from facebookpage „hijab is my diamond“ (btw she’s called „sümeyye coktan“), at the bottom left we see a pretty girl masallah who wears her hijab also more arabian and next to her a turkish squared headscarf again. bottom right we see the scarf which i meant when i said throw the ends of the scarf over your shoulder.

a note to all my sisters and anyone else: of course i don’t care where you from but i am interesting in different countries since even if we are muslims our culture, food and fashion is different.

and like i said: i can only tell what i see .

i will may post some hijabtutorials for turkish squared headscarf and some shawl models in the future insallah.

i kiss your cheeks sisters (being in a „good, i could hug you- mood“)

peace be with you.

beyazgul ❀


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