esselamun aleykum and hello ,
before going to bed i thought telling a helal goodnight joke for a helal goodnight smile would be nice.

(only muslims will understand probably)

a man want to butcher a sheep but he doesn’t know how. so he walks with a big knife into a mosque and asks the men there if they are muslims. one of them answers „yes i am a muslim.“ the man with the knife asks him to help him butcher the sheep so they go out of the mosque. after working hours the muslimman gets tired and tells the kaafir that he cannot help him anymore. so the kaafir goes with the big now bloody knife into the mosque again and asks again if they are muslims. the men in the mosque are scared so they tell him no but the hoca (imam) yeah he is a muslim! so the man goes to the hoca and says: pardon, the other men told me that you are muslim.
the hoca (imam) answers : just because of praying two sunnah rekat for fajr salat (sabah namazi, morning pray) i am a muslim!?

told the joke a bit weird but actually if i wasn’t the teller it would be much funnier.
also it is already time for sleeping so i am kind of tired and lazy already. sat far too much today.
i hope i reached a helal goodnight smile on my islamic sisters‘ faces and maybe also of non-muslim.

good night, may allah will give you a quiet night and good sleep insallah.

peace be with you.

beyazgul ❀


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