esselamun aleykum to my sisters in islam, hello to the non-muslim readers and welcome on my blog!

i’m proud to write my first post even though i do not know what i should write. kind of nervous (you can’t see me writing this lines with my shivering hand-elhamdulillah)

this blog is supposed to share my thoughts about din (religion), social life, modesty but also about what every woman- no matter if hijabi, non-hijabi, christian or sikh- likes. of course i mean fashion. i guess this will be one of the topic themes. we’ll see what flashs through my mind when i’m writing my next post for you (insallah) .
excuse me for some languagemistakes (they’re just tipping mistakes- you know) but english isn’t my mother tongue and i do not even live in an english-speaking country; sorry sorry.

i think that’s enough for a first post, hope you liked it and will read the following posts as well.

peace be with you,
beyazgul ❀


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