selamun aleykum and hello!

so i was not writing for a long time. a really long time. call it centuries.

but today, first day of a new year (non-islamic calender of course) , me sitting on the couch not knowing what to do i decided to make a post. an absolutely random post what came across my mind the last centuries.

i was often ill last month so i had this virus and that virus. (make dua for me insallah) but since i was much too pessimistic the last year i tried to see it in an optimistic way. and i have a reason for that.- i have allah on my side.

well, everytime i got sick i just thought „allright, okay. pain deletes my sins. elhamdulillah. insallah i get ill because allah loves me and wants me to have less sins.“

so i survived. and now we are here.

you see it is a really random post but writing is like talking about everything what is in your head. no matter if anybody will ever read it. you talked. BUT and that is a big BUT without being strange like „talking to yourself“ .

i should stop writing this post now, since it becomes stranger than i accepted it to be.


have a great 2014, may allah guide you.

cheekkisses and hugs and

xoxo, hijab girl.

peace be with you,

beyazgul ❀




#walking in a winterwonderland

#walking in a winterwonderland